The Italian Architectural Studio LAB43 located at Milan & Brescia (Iseo), deals with architectural design, interior design, terrace & garden design above & beyond structural calculations for residential & civil buildings, supervision of works, safety coordination & energy certification. A great flexibility and motivation allow us to offer to our esteemed customers a complete and customized service in order to satisfy every kind of request by supervising the development of each project at first hand as a guarantee of high quality and reliable rendering of services. The Italian Architectural Studio LAB43 tends to a conscious and critical designing by considering the context and the specifics needs of the customer in order to make of each project a unique and incomparable project. LAB43 adds real value to each architectural design in an exclusive way thanks to the highest technical and aesthetics standard. We make use of the best qualified suppliers’ help in order to get the greatest quality at the best conditions.




The Italian Architectural Studio LAB43 was born thanks to a business cooperation with the Politi & Fiorani Architectural Studio in Milan with whom we realized the big Pirelli Real Estate buildings project. After a close vocational training with Enrico Mattei, in 1978 Agostino Politi established an Architectural Studio that dealt with designing and supervision of works for petrochemical plant, refineries and ENI’s motorway service areas.

In the following years they turned their attention to the realization of major public works located in the North-East area of Milan while maintaining a strong contact with the private market dealing with the construction of commercial malls and infrastructures.

In 1998 they bought a room in Milan city centre (Via Montenapoleone) and they start a cooperation with several prestigious Architectural Studios.

It was in that moment that Daniele Fiorani became partner of the Studio after having had an experience for Frem e Gadola Firm by supervising building yard in Montecarlo, Milan e Rome.

The Studio starts to develop skills in architectural and interior design by turning its attention to the arrangement of well-known premises in Milan.

Together with the birth of big yards located at Pirelli’s area (Bicocca-Arcimboldi Theatre) and ex fruit & vegetable market in Turin (Olimpic Village), the Studio begins to acquire national visibility.

Paola Bertoletti joined the Studio in 2009. She began her career into big yards such as Pirelli Headquarters 2, RCS-Corriere della sera, Bicocca Village Gate, Bicocca-Square, Pirelli Towers e two Hotel Complex. Her marked inclination for the landscape and architectural composition lead her to obtain the title of landscapist and she pushed the team to open a new branch office in Franciacorta (Brescia).

In 2013 we established The Architectural Studio LAB43 located at Iseo, mostly dealing with architectural design, landscape design and complementary furniture.